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Many anodized aluminum promotional products including carabiner keychains are customized with a name, logo or message using a method call laser engraving. A high quality laser engraved mark shows up “frosty” white with clean crisp lines. It’s the process of anodization that make this possible. Anodization is a process applied to  aluminum which results in a durable, weather resistant coating on the surface of the metal. The process allows for color as well as a clear coat on the metal. Today, many colors of carabiner keychains are available through this process. The laser acts to remove the anodized coating exposing the silver color of the aluminum underneath. It does this by generating a high power beam of light through a lens in the laser. The laser beam is directed by mirrors which are controlled by a computer. The movement of the mirrors and hence the beam results in the appearance of the engraved image on the metals surface. There are two types of lasers in use today for engraving anodized aluminum promotional products: C02 and YAG. Both will produce a mark however YAG lasers produce higher quality images measured by “brightness”. C02 lasers do a decent job, but fall short of producing bright white marks on certain colors. YAG lasers are also faster and thus help to reduce production costs.

Custom carabiners from are laser engraved using YAG lasers exclusively producing high quality images that will make a great first and lasting impression. We welcome your request for a sample to inspect our work. In addition to single side engraving, many of our products can be engraved on the second side. We also have the capabilities of text file input and consecutive numbering resulting in something different on each carabiner in the production run. We are confident that customer service, quality and lowest price guarantee can’t be beat. For any questions about custom laser engraved carabiners or to place an order please contact us.





Questions about Carabiner Keychains or to place an order please contact us
Standard Single Function Multi Function Custom Shapes Custom Prints Custom Shop Blanks Attachments
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