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Carabiner Openers
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The first carabiners (pronounced karabeeners) were used in the sailing industry. These first load bearing carabiners were made from steel and hand forged into their final shape. Later on stronger carabiners were being produced through a process called heat-treating. During WWII lighter weight carabiners were being produced from aluminum. These lighter weight models soon led to more opportunities in the rock climbing industry where a lighter weight carabiner is desirable. Smaller replicas of these "real" carabiners known as promotional carabiners or "no load bearing" carabiners hit the scene in the early 90's. They were primarily sold in outdoor sporting goods stores as keychains. Rock climbers would proudly sport these new standard carabiner keychains clipped to belt loops and Back packs. During this time carabiner keychains were available in black only. Now they are readily available in a variety of standard and custom colors as well as custom print patterns. In a addition to the standard mini carabiners and large carabiner keychains, promotional carabiners are now available in custom shapes i.e., dog bone, fish, apple etc. There popularity as a cool and very functional keychain led them into the promotional products arena. Now carabiner keychains can be purchased blank or custom laser engraved with  your name, logo or message.

Customization methods include laser engraving and pad printing. In recent years, standard carabiner keychains are still evolving. Single function and multi function carabiners are fast gaining in popularity. Among these additional styles include carabiner compass, flashlight carabiners, carabiner bottle openers, whistles carabiners and combinations of these useful functions.



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Standard Single Function Multi Function Custom Shapes Custom Prints Custom Shop Blanks Attachments
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