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All promotional carabiner keychains share some common features. From standard and single-function carabiners to multi-function and custom shape carabiner keychains you find these features associated with all carabiner keychains. Some of these features may vary with some custom shape carabiners.
The frame is made from raw aluminum which first appears silver in color. The colored surface is achieved through a process of anodization which interacts with the surface metal to produce a durable outer layer. The frame shape is achieved either by bending the aluminum rod or forged through a die. The thickness range of the aluminum for most promotional carabiner keychains is in the range of 5 to 8mm. You will often see these items classified according to aluminum thickness. Promotional carabiners are no load bearing and should be stamped with this information somewhere on the frame or on the gate.
The spine is defined as the portion of the frame opposite the gate. On some custom shape carabiner keychains this area may not be well defined depending on the actual shape. The spine is typically where customization of a name, logo or message will appear. This is achieved either by laser engraving or pad printing. Laser engraving is the method of choice as it won't scratch off compared to an imprint. Most carabiner keychains can be customized on both sides of the spine.
The gate is where the action is. The gate allows quick and secure clipping to loops and straps and what makes the carabiner keychain such a functional keychain. The gate is made from aluminum and is typically clear or bright in color. On some carabiners the gate is also anodized the same or a different color from the frame. The gate opens with pressure and springs closed when the pressure is released. Sometimes "no load bearing" or "not for climbing" is stamped on the gate.
The gate hinge contributes to the overall carabiner keychain quality. Inside the bottom of the gate is a spring like mechanism that is attached to the hinge. The action of the gate as determined by the hinge spring should be firm and not too loose. The correct alignment of the gate with nose is determined by the hinge.
The nose is the portion of the frame that meets and catches the top of the gate when in the closed position. The shape of the nose is determined by the top of the gate which can be either angled or contain a pin. Most promotional carabiners are of the angled type where the top of the gate fits snug against the nose.
The base is just the bottom of the carabiner. It's where the split ring sits. it's also where add-on attachment accessories will be when the carabiner is clipped to either a strap or loop. The width of the base is determined by the size dimension of the carabiner. For example an 8mm will have a wider base area than a 6mm. The add-on accessories are usually in the form of a strap with a split ring either alone or in combination with additional functionality such as a compass.
A split ring is a round metal (usually nickel plated) wire wound partially on to itself. Keys are added onto the ring by threading them between the wires. Split rings can vary in size and wire diameter. Split rings used for carabiner keychains and many other promotional keychains are typically 0.75" to 1.0" in diameter.
Carabiner keychain accessories add functionality to our carabiner keychains. Additional functions include compass, thermometer, and water bottle holder. The additional functions are incorporated into a nylon strap which includes a split ring for keys. Nylon straps are also available plain as well as with a custom imprinted label.



Standard Single Function Multi Function Custom Shapes Custom Prints Custom Shop Blanks Attachments
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